Customs and trade consultancy

We work with businesses across multiple sectors to provide tailored advice helping companies tackle regulatory changes, maximise efficiency, minimise delays, and avoid excess customs charges.

We can help with everything from customs classification and valuation to explanations of border formalities and procedures so you are never caught off guard.

With Trade & Borders, you can hire an expert with ample hands-on experience and expertise who has dealt with customs issues for businesses since 2014.

We support internal customs departments who require help understanding changes and developments as well as offering support to companies that don’t have an in-house team. We can fit around the business to ensure you are confident and compliant.

Trade & Borders can also provide one-off support to help you understand new trade developments or can provide ongoing support to help improve operations and take advantage of new possibilities. We aim to make customs and border policies the least of your worries.

Areas we cover include:


  • Customs compliance
  • Classification
  • Rules of origin
  • Customs valuation
  • Customs special procedures
  • Brexit support – explanation of upcoming changes and new requirements
  • Explanations of new trade deals
  • Impact assessments