Customs and trade Training

Customs is a complex area of tax and one that’s often subject to interpretation. Learning how to properly navigate the rules will save you time and money. Compliance with customs rules is necessary for preventing customs audits and stopping you from facing consequences with HMRC. Aside from avoiding negative consequences, there are also opportunities for optimising operations to take advantage of new opportunities.


At Trade & Borders, we don’t just teach the theory behind customs policies and trade rules; each course draws on years of practical experience handling real-life situations for clients and working with authorities to interpret and understand the rules you will need to follow. Our training is designed to be clear, concise and actionable so you leave knowing what to do next.

We design and deliver courses online or in person. We can provide everything from short seminars to multiple-module courses. We also offer bespoke training courses designed specifically for your business or organisation.

Examples of our customs and trade training courses are outlined below and we can also provide bespoke training packages specifically for your business:

  • Introduction to Customs
  • Commodity Code Hands-On Workshop ‘How to find the right commodity code (in a day!)’
  • Customs basics: classification, valuation and origin
  • Customs special procedures
  • Customs expert level training