trade policy advice and consultation

We provide a range of services for official organisations, governments and public sector clients.


At Trade & Borders, we support public sector institutions to help them better understand the practicalities of customs and trade. Policymakers implementing national trade policies can benefit from increased visibility of key challenges faced by the private sector, and institutions aiming to provide thought leadership can benefit from our assistance in interpreting and framing the private sector perspective.


Bridging the gap between the public and private sector, we are well-positioned to deliver research projects for an improved understanding of industry-wide concerns and future policies. We also work to provide surveys, impact assessments, in-depth analysis and stakeholder engagement activities for increased understanding of core issues and engagement with stakeholders.

our expertise

Our work is varied and tailored to your organisation’s needs. Some examples of our experience and capabilities are: 

Border procedures and trade facilitation work

  • In-depth analysis and comparative studies
  • End-to-end product journeys and process mapping
  • Review of the impact on businesses including additional requirements and costs
  • Customs cooperation and trade facilitation chapter best practice and impact
Post-Brexit Analysis
  • Impact assessments
  • Ad hoc support with latest developments and government publications
  • Survey design and stakeholder engagement activities
  • Policy formulation support and help with responses to public consultation
Export promotion and trade strategy development and review
  • Competitiveness review and benchmarking
  • Competitiveness constraints analysis
  • Formulation of strategic objectives and export strategy action plans
  • In-depth bespoke research projects and follow-up analysis
    Interpreting and framing the private sector perspective
Explainers, guides and tutorials
  • Explaining customs and trade facilitation to non-technical audiences
  • Basic customs and border management guides; physical, online content, videos, presentations and checklists